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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between psychotherapy and coaching?

Coaching and therapy both create a positive change through a healing relationship between the coach or therapist and client.  In both coaching and therapy, I am focused on concrete changes in a person's real life. Most coaching engagements are more directive and goal oriented towards changes in careers and interpersonal dynamics in one's work environment.

What type of clients do you work with?

I work with adolescents, young adults, individuals, people in relationships and companies.

What are your fees?

I have a set fee for 50 minute and 75 minute psychotherapy sessions. I have packages for coaching sessions. 

I do not accept insurance nor offer a sliding scale in my private practice.

If you are an adolescent that attends a high school within the Tam High Unified School District or San Rafael City Schools, please fill out a referral to be seen at school with your Wellness Center or academic counselor. You can request my services or be seen by the next available therapist on campus. 

If you do not have insurance or use Medical and are an adolescent or family, please contact me at Huckleberry Youth Programs for services.  

If you desire a sliding scale, please contact the Marina Counseling Center and they will be able to provide you support. 

Do you offer therapy or coaching in other languages?

I am fluent in Spanish and offer both psychotherapy sessions and coaching in Spanish as well as English.

Do you offer video session?

I offer psychotherapy Telemedicine sessions to those that cannot attend physical sessions in my office or are traveling temporarily for work.  I offer coaching session online as well as in person.

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